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My name is Rob Bell. I am an ambassador for the London Retired Police Dogs Trust. And for me, as someone who lives in London, it is always a massively reassuring presence whenever I see police dogs out and about at train stations, airports, sports matches, or even just out on the streets. And I think that is something that can be said for most people in London. Not just the joy of seeing a dog, but knowing that these are highly trained police dogs that have a really serious job to do. Why I am so passionate about being an ambassador for the London Retired Police Dogs Trust is I want to help these dogs enjoy the years that they have beyond the service that they have given. And that means that they need looking after. As with any dog reaching their latter years, healthcare requirements will naturally increase, but because of the nature of the very physical work that police dogs carry out throughout their career, risks of things like arthritis increase enormously. And with that, you have got increased vet bills.

Now, when police dogs retire, it is down to typically the handler or an owner who might take them on to look after those costs of healthcare, and because they have been working dogs, retired police dogs are pretty much uninsurable. And that is where the London Retired Police Dog Trust steps in. The money that we raise as a charity goes towards looking after the health of these retired dogs who have done us a great service over many, many years. If you would like to help support the London Retired Police Dogs Trust, you can follow us online on social media, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can go to the online shop where there is some great merchandise for you to purchase, and you can go to the website to make a donation. A one-off donation would be great, but ideally, you can make a recurring monthly donation to this wonderful charity to support these well-deserving dogs into their retirement. Thank you.