Drowning and dogs

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It does not often happen that dogs are unable to swim, most of them can when they go into the water, but sometimes they will inhale water by accident, especially if they are doing something like trying to catch a ball or a toy in the water, and if they inhale or ingest enough water, then it can lead to symptoms of drowning, if you are going to go into the water to rescue your dog because they are unable to get themselves out, you have to make sure that it is safe for you to do so, always check where you are and make sure that if you can get in, you can also get back out of that water and get your dog out with you, if your dog has inhaled or ingested a lot of water, they are probably going to be quite distressed and be in shock.

You may find their breathing could be laboured, they may be coughing, they may be vomiting, hacking or bringing up water, if they are, then you can help them, you can gently lift up their back ends as long as there are no other injuries and through gravity that can help them expel some of that water, watch their breathing and see if it's getting better or worse, once you have got them out to the water and you have to assume if they have been in the water, that they will also be quite cold and suffering from something called hypothermia, so you want to make sure they are kept nice and warm if you have some clothing with you or a blanket, picnic blanket, anything like that, then get them wrapped up, get them dried as quickly as you can, and then get them to the vet.