Transporting dogs

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Police dogs are transported in specially-made crates that are reinforced so that they will not crumble on impact and therefore the dogs are kept very safe. They also have a thermometer, as you can see at the top of the crate there, which the police handler can also see at the front of the car just to make sure the temperature is not getting too hot for the dog in the boot. They do have ventilation that they have at the back of the crates. There are openings there with vents where the air conditioning from the car can get into the crates. They have their own ventilation underneath the crate as well. So they are kept cool and the police handler can monitor this at all times. They are very easy to get in and out. You can see the opening there for the doors are easy to access, so if there was an accident or the car was damaged, then this would be the easiest way to get into the dog and they should be safe and sound in that crate.

In an accident, if the car was damaged, these crates are specially made so that they do not crush on impact, so they will be as they are entire and they can be lifted out completely from the back of the car or they can be opened through the door at the front here. There is also a drop hatch at the front of the crate. So, if the back of the car was damaged and you were not able to gain access from the back of the car, you could go in through the passenger side or through the front of the car and access the dog from the front of the crate.

Police dogs are very well-trained and when you go to the back of the crate to take them out, they will know to wait, but with many dogs, when you open your boot and they will be straight out. A lot of dogs are not restrained in crates, they are just free in the boot. So it is always really important to check where you are and make sure if you are on a busy road, there are no cars coming, have your lead hand and get ready to hold on to your dog before they are able to run off and potentially get themselves in an accident or cause an accident for other people if they are in the way.