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Many dogs will have at least one episode of diarrhoea in their lives. The cause of this can be anything. It can be something that they have eaten. It could be infectious. It could be parasitic, so down to worms or something like that. Often, you do not actually know what has caused the diarrhoea. The main thing is how are you going to treat it from here? As long as your dog is well and you are not concerned that they may have ingested something that is very toxic to them, we would normally treat the same way for every dog and that would be to put them on a bland, light diet, something like cooked chicken, white fish, scrambled egg, alongside rice or sweet potato or something like that. The idea with these foods is that we are giving them a highly digestible diet that is going to be digested high up in their gastrointestinal system, and we are giving their colon a bit of a rest, which is where the diarrhoea is coming from. You can also purchase either from your vets or online, a probiotic or prebiotic paste that can help firm up their stools as well and just make their stomachs a little bit more comfortable. Any diarrhoea that persist beyond 48 to 72 hours should be investigated by the vets and if your dog develops any other symptoms like vomiting or lethargy or does not want to eat, then they should be seen much sooner.