Bandaging legs

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When a dog has a wound on its leg, you may want to put a cover on, a dressing on, to prevent it from getting infected and potentially if it is oozing a little bit, to stop it from bleeding until you can get your dog seen by the vet and they can then examine the wound and assess it and do what they need to do. So, if you want to put a light dressing on, Maddie sit, you would get a dressing, a part like this and then with something like vet wrap or another type of bandage, you would just start to apply the dressing. You always start the dressing from below the wound, so below the part and you want to make sure this is not being put on too tight. So, if you are using something like vet wrap, I would advise unrolling it a little bit and then wrapping it round. If you have a good dog where they are not going to be wriggling around you can do this by yourself, but if you do have a dog where you are going to need a little bit of help to keep them in the same position to get the bandage on, then you will probably need a second person to help with this.

If you unravel the bandage and then just gently place it over that dressing, this is not a bandage that is going to be staying on for very long, it is purely to prevent or reduce the risk of infection and to potentially stop a bleed that may be happening there. You can cut this with scissors or the beauty of vet wrap is that you can just tear it and then place that, it will stick to itself, so it is a cohesive bandage and it is very useful in quick bandaging where you do not want to be fiddling with a lot of tape and scissors. Once you placed the bandage, you want to make sure that you can fit your finger underneath that; if you cannot, then it is on too tight and will be acting almost like a tourniquet, so take that bandage off and start again. The same with the bottom of the bandage, you should just be able to get your finger underneath here. As I say, you are not putting this on for any length of time, it is purely just to help the situation until you can then be seen by a vet.