Keeping your dog safe in an emergency

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In an emergency situation, it's very easy to panic. What you need to do is assess everything around you and make sure that number one, your pet is safe, but more importantly, that you are safe. If for example, an accident has happened on a road, it may be a quiet road, but there's still a risk of other cars or bikes or anything like that coming along. You need to get yourself and your pet out of the way into an area of safety as quickly as you can. It may not be clear as to what's happened to your pets. So you need to look around and see if there is a sign of how the injury has occurred. Has there been a stab wound, has there been an electrical current somewhere? Has your pet managed to chew through something or ingested something toxic, have a look around and just see and assess the area and see what you can find? Because any information that you have when you then contact the vet to bring your pets in is vital and can help us treat them as quickly and as efficiently as we can.

Throughout the treatment process, when you are giving first aid to your dog, you need to be constantly reassessing where you are, what's happening and making sure that both you and your pet are safe and if you are not, then it's better to get your pets to safety and to the vets as soon as you can.