Pet first aid kits

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It's a good idea to always have your pet first aid kit at hand. And even if you do not have a pet first aid kit, if you have a human first aid kit, there's going to be stuff in that that you would be able to use if you needed to. The type of thing we are looking at in your everyday-type first aid kit would be bandage materials, pair of scissors, ideally, a pot of saline to help you wash down a wound, some sterile wipes, some tape, an emergency foil blanket is always really useful for dogs in lots of situations where they may get hypothermia, which is where their core temperature drops, and anything that's going to cause shock, that could happen. So foil blankets are really useful for that. I have said about the pods of saline. And your sterile wipes. Gloves for yourself because it's always a good idea to keep yourself protected as well. Dressings, I have said bandage materials, and a plastic bag, plastic waste bag. These can be used for different things. This could be to put your waste in, or it could actually be used to protect a wound or a burn, if necessary.

There are more advanced kits that you can get that are going to have a lot more in them. And if you are dealing with dogs on a day-to-day basis, or potentially have multiple dogs, or your dogs are at higher risk of injuries, then it would be a good idea to get something a little bit more advanced. These are going to have all your normal stuff in them, like your bandage material. You are also going to have your triangular bandage in here, potentially a burns dressing, which can be really useful as an immediate first aid to help take the temperature away, and also if you have not got access to cold water for a burn, then this is going to be the next best thing. You have also got an ice pack, which can be used for different things. Really good for swellings. You have got things like tick removers. Same with the other side. You have got your foil blanket, your gloves, more bandages and your pods of saline. And it also has lots of space in here to add extra things that you feel you may need depending on the type of work that you are doing with your dogs.

But this is the basic kind of equipment that you would expect to carry. If you feel that your dog is at high risk of potentially developing wounds or bleeding, then you might also want to add in a heomostatic dressing as we have described before. But that's not normally in an everyday kit. But there's pretty much everything here that you would need to use. Also, we have got eye-patches here if you need it, if you are worried about eye injuries. It's really making the first aid kit work for you, and making sure that you have everything that you might need depending on what you are doing with your dog. These kits are both available on our website.