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If you suspect that your pet has ingested something potentially toxic, please contact your vet as soon as you possibly can. There are many things that will not be harmful to your pet, but it can depend on what kind of animal it is. So some things are more toxic to cats, others more toxic to dogs. And it also can be size-dependent.

So, it is always a good idea to try and find out what it was that they may have eaten. If it is something like rat poison in the garden, try and get the packaging and take that to the vet's with you or take a photo of it. If it is something like chocolate, for example, make sure you know what type of chocolate it is. Is it in a cake? Is it cocoa powder-based? Is it milk chocolate based? Get all the information you can about what they've ingested. Get the packaging or the actual object that they may have eaten and bring that to the vet's with you. Make sure you let the vet know when they ingested this and also how they are in response to having eaten it.

Sometimes you know that your dog has eaten something they should not have done because you have actually seen them ingest it. Other times there may be symptoms such as drooling or vomiting, or in some toxins, there can be neurological symptoms so they might be a little bit dizzy, they may be wobbly on their legs, or falling over. All of these symptoms could indicate that they have ingested something toxic.