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Why learn about service dog first aid?

ProTrainings have been developing first aid courses for dogs for over 12 years and in that time we have heard countless stories of how pet owners and handlers have saved an animals life or helped in when an accident occurs. 

With this course, we have teamed up with the London Retired Police Dogs Trust to produce a course especially aimed at service dogs of all breeds to help them should an accident occur.  The course is presented by Nicki Bell, a registered vet and advisor to the LRPD.

The course covers many different injuries and gives you the confidence to help a dog in need.

Learn more about the London Retired Police Dogs Trust from Rob Bell

In this video, Rob Bell tells you more about the London Retired Police Dogs Trust and the exceptional work they carry out.

You will learn about how the charity works to support retired service dogs and their owners when they need it to give them the best care after the service they give to us all. 

The LRPD trust provides support for medical care and treatment, meaning their owners are not left with an agonising decision to make about the animals future due to financial concerns.

London Retired Police Dogs Trust

London Retired Police Dogs Trust (LRPD) was set up in 2019 to support the retired police dogs of London with their welfare needs. Once retired, the responsibility of the dog falls to their handler who has an unbreakable bond with the animal. Some retired police dogs are rehomed to an adopted family who again, take on the responsibility of the dog.

Retiring police dogs do not receive a pension to support them through their ageing years, which means people who take on retired police dogs receive no financial support in a time in a dog’s life where, after a lengthy time on ‘the beat’, vets bills are inevitable and expensive. Due to the nature of the work that our courageous dogs perform it is extremely difficult to insure them which means care and treatment costs can soon mount up.

London’s retired police dog fund is not connected in any way to The Metropolitan Police Service, or any other Police force in the United Kingdom. As an independent organisation, London Retired Police Dogs Trust has its own constitution and Trustees who are accountable for its operation.

A retired police dog is deemed by us to be; any dog that has been licenced to Home Office Standards to be a police dog, working in London. Consideration will be given to applications for any dog who is, or has been, a police dog deemed as above and is medically retired at any age, or has been retired for other reasons over the age of five years.

Meet some of the dogs in this first aid course

When we made this course, we used different Police dogs in active service and retired.  In this film, we introduce the team and put a name to a face.

These are just some of the dogs helped by the charity and without your support, their valuable work will not be able to continue.

Learn more about your instructor

Nicki qualified from the University of Liverpool in 2003 and joined the team at Thamesmead in 2014. She has a particular interest in geriatric medicine and acupuncture which she has been using since 2008 for a variety of conditions in pets. In her spare time, Nicki enjoys walking with her Labrador Elsa (in the films) and she also owns four cats, Rodney and Trigger.

Learn more about ProTrainings video online and class courses

ProTrainings Europe has produced over 350 video online courses and we also offer training at your workplace or at regional training centres nationwide.  We developed pet first aid over 12 years ago and have a full range of courses for all levels.  We are proud to support LRPD and the valuable work they are carrying out.

Our endorsed training can be taken as video online, blended, classroom or virtual to meet your busy life.  With the LRPD you receive discounts on courses and our company training solutions. Phone 01206 805359 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which occupations use this course?

The Service Dog First Aid Course is perfect for:

What is CPD and why is having Certified CPD important?

CPD stands for Continuous Professional Development and is required in many business sectors. Even if you do not require a set CPD credit level, having Certifed CPD ensures the quality of training. ProTrainings are the highest gold standard of CPD ensuring that all courses are externally verified and mapped to the highest levels.

What is "SCORM ready" and will courses run on a LMS?

SCORM Ready means that online courses can run on any compatible Learning Management System (LMS). SCORM courses run seamlessly on your existing LMS system without a separate login so staff only login using the existing company system. ProTrainings online courses have an advanced SCORM ready system to give more features than any other company.

Do I receive a certificate after completing your online training?

Yes, when you complete the online course you will be able to download and print a compliant completion certificate, evidenced-based learning statement to confirm course content and a certified CPD statement. There is no extra charge for the certificate.  You can also buy a printed certificate to be posted to you for a small extra fee.